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Welcome to Boulder Movement

Singapore's first bouldering-only gym in the Central Business District

What's Bouldering?

 Bouldering is a form of climbing. The climbs are shorter which means you don't have to worry about using ropes and safety equipment. Instead, we have a big mattress to catch you should you fall. All you need is a pair of climbing shoes and you are on your way to great workout!

Why Bouldering?

Bouldering is a great way for any organisation to build trust and cooperation among its members. The sport presents teamwork and sharing as a natural solution to overcoming mental and physical challenges - challenges not dissimilar to those we face on a daily basis at work and in our private lives. 

Who Is It For?

If you're looking for something that encourages camaraderie, builds trust, enhances problem-solving skills and increases self-esteem, you are looking at the right place. Bouldering is suitable for people from all fitness levels. There is something for everyone. Now, what are you waiting for?

See What Our Customers Say about Us

I have never done bouldering before due to preconceptions that it was too tough and scary as compared to top rope climbing which has a safety rope. After guidance from the instructors, I was able to progress a few levels over the course of the evening! 

Eileen Neo

Eileen Neo Meltwater

It's very accurate to call this a bouldering gym done right. Amenities are top notch, route difficulty is granular to let you experience progressive training, staff are cheery and friendly. Well done!

Michael Lin

Michael Lin Attorney-General's Chambers

Never have I been so excited about a bouldering gym and its crew in my life, and here’s why.
For starters, you just cannot beat the Boulder Movement crew. These guys are not only truly passionate about climbing, but they have nailed customer service to a T and are committed to build a real spirit of community in their climbing gym.
Ghelfi Giovanni

Ghelfi Giovanni Airbnb

Watch How It's Like

Bringing Fun to Corporate Teams

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hugo boss
mullenlowe salt


Many companies have hosted their teams at Boulder Movement for their team bonding activity, and we've heard rave reviews about how much they enjoyed the experience. Want to find out more? Have a chat with us to plan your next team building activity!