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What Does Rock Climbing Do For Your Body?

We summarize it into 4 essentials you need to know.


Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its raw essentials. Free from complicated equipment, bouldering provides you a full-body workout. It also exercises your brain juices as you scale your way to new heights!

If you want to know more about the what and why:

  • A full body workout
  • Makes you feel good
  • Enhances strength and flexibility 
  • Most social form of climbing

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5 Benefits of Rock Climbing for Your Team

I'm glad you asked!


We have been seeing corporate teams latching on to the idea that rock climbing is becoming a much more viable option as a team building activity than in the past. In this post, we'll be detailing the 5 benefits of rock climbing for your team.

If you are nodding along, and like to:

  • Understand if rock climbing is suitable for your team
  • Find out how rock climbing can help your team
  • Take charge and do something about it

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Hear Stories From Other Teams Who Have Climbed Here

What better way to understand if this is suitable for your team, than to see how other teams have done it.

There's laser-tag, escape room, and maybe cooking classes which you could choose from, but have you ever considered rock climbing?

If you'd like to find out more with how others have experienced rock climbing for their team:

  • What teams are trying to achieve with rock climbing
  • How it benefitted them and what they didn't expect
  • What they learnt which they can apply to their work

Come on over, and we'll share the love of climbing with you, from others who have done it.

PSA Global at Boulder MovementFinexis Advisory at Boulder MovementTeam Axis at Boulder Movement




Click on each button to learn more about each team's story:

Abbott Laboratories Finexis Advisory PSA Global SINDA Youth Club Singapore Chinese Orchestra Team Axis  

Planning your rock climbing outing?

Are you planning for a rock climbing outing?

You must have many questions in your mind right now. Who can I bring with me to climb? Do I need to be able to do a pull up? What should I wear? We hear you, and we're here to help you.

Definitely check this post out if you'd like to:

  • Know the physical requirements
  • What to bring / wear 
  • Know how to get started


The route setting is focused on problem solving and learning skills, and the atmosphere is friendly. Good facilities, with air-conditioning, clean toilets and showers. There's a training area with some weights and foam rollers for warm-up, cool-down, and conditioning exercises so you can workout in between climbs. Easily the most comfortable bouldering gym in Singapore.
Wei Jian Tan

Wei Jian Tan HUGO BOSS

Amazing bouldering experience, first of its kind in Singapore. There‚Äôs something for everyone here, routes range from easy to intermediate and advanced. Very nice comfortable place to try out climbing / bouldering! The location is perfect for those working in the CBD area for a lunch or after office workout.
Sherry Low

Sherry Low Bloomberg


Many companies have hosted their teams at Boulder Movement for their team bonding activity, and we've heard raving reviews about how engaging, fun, and challenging which promotes problem-solving skills in a team setting. Love to have a chat with us to plan your next team building activity?